Monday, December 24, 2018

Mom Thought Mondays

Random thoughts from a single mom:
  • Why is Daniel Tiger the pied piper of toddlers? 
  • Wow, tantums are no joke
    • I can see how people cave in to get kids to stop crying, but much like my pregnancy, I try to keep an observational mindset with this to figure out why she's really crying and pick and choose my battles. No cookies or other rewards for a fit, but I don't really care if she thinks she "won" something by asking to eat the vegetables off of my plate instead of her own.
  • It is really cool to see her make developmental leaps and learn communication
    • Sidenote: This means she understands EVERYTHING I say
  • Why does my child think the expensive packets of apple sauce so much better than my homemade apple sauce packets?
  • It's hard to tell which one of us likes coloring more
  • I don't think I had any preference about what I wore until I was almost done with middle school (trust me, if you see a picture of me from about 7-13, this will be painfully obvious), but there is one pair of pants she is really fond of wearing.
  • I really like being single. I get to focus on me and my little Boop, and I've been working for a career that allows me to spend more time with her while still advancing. 
  • Sometimes I just think of myself as this nervous 20-something who doesn't really know anything, and then I hear stuff come out of my mouth that surprises even me with how much grown up adult stuff I know, and how I can communicate it. 
  • Little things make me feel rich:
    • I can keep the heat on high for my little Boop so she can sleep comfortably
    • I can buy some convenience foods (like those dadgum fruit and veggie packets) that she loves so very much
    • Sushi once every couple of months
    • Other than that, I pretty much only buy my underoos new and everything else comes from the thrift store because holy cow things are expensive.
    • Last year I was too broke to buy Christmas presents for anyone, and divorce is expensive, but this year I could afford to buy people presents so yay.
  • Kiddo went from loving baths to HATING THEM BECAUSE THIS IS SOME KIND OF SATAN WATER GET IT OFF ME AND STOP TRYING TO DROWN ME YOU AWFUL WOMAN. Turns out, all she needed were some bubbles in the water, and bingo bango - the word "bath" has taken on the gravity of "Daniel Tiger" or "Ice Cream" because as soon as I say it, it must be done.


  1. Bubble baths are awesome. It is too bad we are wired so as adults we stop enjoying them, or feel guilty about enjoying them, or whatever.

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