Thursday, March 1, 2018

I Put the Fat in Gung Hey Fat Choy

Where do you start when you don't have any words? Where do you start when you have all of the words?

Let's start with Chinese New Year. First lunar new year for the kiddo. Why is it once you have a kid, you have a new measurement system? It's interesting, that's for sure. First time I'd made siu yuk in a while.
Siu Yuk Recipe (Crispy Skin Pork)

Pork belly, skin on
5 spice
sugar & white pepper (optional)

Rub the meaty side of the belly with your seasoning. Let it sit overnight in the fridge (or at least a few hours). Then blast it in the oven at 350F for a few hours and poke at the dried out skin. Put the pork belly on a rack to keep it from sticking to your roasting pan, or from deep frying in its own goodness. Blast the heat up to 400-450 to put some bubble on the skin and get it good and crispy.

Let it cool off overnight, then use a cleaver to cut it in to tasty meaty bits.

Gosh, if there's a dish that says "LUNAR PARTAY", it's siu yuk - the shatteringly crisp skin, the way the fat melts in your mouth, and the major umami factor from the seasoned meaty bits. 

I haven't been hosting too many parties lately. Mainly trying to get a grip on things and put mom life first and foremost. How many friends do I even have left? It turns out all of the friends. My home was filled with friends old and new: playing games, eating all of the foods, and (for a select few) running around with our kids. 

Also, sorry guys for not labeling the giant bowl of raw meat for dumpling filling, but I really thought that plus dumpling wrappers made that obvious. I am happy to report no fatalities following dumplinggate 2k18. 

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Flip It

What do you do when the world turns upside down? You flip with it.

New blog digs, same comfy nom de plume. Welcome friends new and old to Albany Jane 2.0.
Work, grad school, baby, single mom life, foodings and friends. Expect sporadic posts about some of those topics, maybe more.