Monday, January 28, 2019

Mom Thought Mondays

Ever have those moments when you wonder "Are you really my kid?". I mean, I gave birth to her and all, but sometimes, I just have to shake my head:

  • Dry carbs. No butter on anything. Dry Eggo Waffles, plain uncut bagels, plain bread. DRY DRY DRY. 
  • Major chocoholic. Like, you can't even say the word without her asking for chocolate. I don't mind the stuff, but her love of chocolate is admirable.
  • Fearless. I was totally a weenie by comparison. She will climb anything and everything, and brushes off a tumble with ease. 

Then there are moments where I totally know she is my kid:
  • Oh man do we love pork rinds. I had to throw out a container of pork rinds someone brought over as a gag (little did they know) because we were both eating them too frequently and with too much gusto; AND I didn't want to be the daycare mom packing her kid both organic yogurt and pork rinds. 
  • Popcorn for days. She will take popcorn out of my hand, even if we have a big bowl to share.
  • She is hecking strong. At first I thought her pediatrician said "Oh wow she is strong" as a generic like they'd say to most kids who fight and throw a fit, but now I think they really mean it after she threw a solid right jab and head butted me while I was trying to hold her so they could check her ears. 

And then there are moments where even I think she's sweeter than I deserve:
  • Smooches, and then the most loving pair of eyes and a big smile looking back at me, ready to pepper me with more kisses and hugs.
  • She'll count my reps when I'm working out at home and sometimes workout with me (or add more resistance. Oof). Right now she jumps numbers, so her counting reps is great, hehehe. "Ten reps kiddo? Well, I only counted four, but who am I to argue?"
  • Seeing her learn stuff. She's putting together sentences now and "Mommy tank you. Thank you mommy" is a big one now, even for little things like getting water. Aww. 

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